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Knaresborough-Bebra Town Twinning

Bebra's iconic railway water tower dominates the town



Meetings take place on the 3rd Thursday every 2 months starting in January.


We meet in Knaresborough House at 19:30.  


New members are welcome



Officers of the Town Twinning Committee are:


Mavis Clemmitt - Chair  

Pat Tankard - Vice Chair  

David Tankard - Secretary  

Cllr. John Batt - Treasurer  



Every Year a party from Knaresborough visits Bebra in October for Kirmes, which is the equivalent of Harvest Festival.


Every year at Bedrace time a party from Bebra visits Knaresborough.


During these visits, we enjoy many of the interesting places in the areas around the host towns.



for more information about twinning or to get involved

please phone Harrogate 864842 or email,


Bebra (see Wikipedia) is situated in central Germany